Regular Slotted Carton (RSC)

The staple of the packaging industry.

The most common box style. Highly efficient design for many applications. All flaps are the same length, and the two outer flaps (normally the lengthwise flaps) are one-half the container's width, so that they meet at the center of the box when closed.

Overlap Slotted Carton (OSC)

A more rugged design.

The length for all flaps are equal. The outer flaps overlap by one inch or more. The closure of the box is quite easy, usually with staples driven through the overlap area. This box style is usually applied when the length of the box is much greater than the width, creating a long gap between the two inner flaps. The sealed overlap helps to prevent the outer flaps from pulling apart.

Full Overlap Slotted Carton (FOLF)

Resistant to rough handling

All flaps have the same length, which is equal to the width of the box. When set up, the outer flaps come within one inch of complete overlap. The carton style is especially resistant to rough handling and stacking. Stacked on its bottom surface, the overlapping flaps provide extra cushioning. Stacked on its side, the extra thickness provides added stacking strength.

One Piece Folders (OPF)

A4 & A3 Filling Cartons

Often referred to as “A4 & A3 Filling Cartons”, these packages are perfect for books, other printed matter, and electrical circuitry as well as picture frames, catalogs, signs or anything flat is a good fit for an OPF.

Die Cut Boxes

Think 'Pizza box!'

These are usually customized containers that require angular, circular, or other unusual cuts, slots, and scores. Die-cut boxes may also feature perforated lines, ventilation holes, or access holes. Our die-cut boxes can be printed in up to four colors.

Lids & Trays

An elegant solution

When folded, flat-scored and slotted sheets form a Tray to carry products and a Lid to cover the product. Lids are usually white and printed with the customers Logo and Details in up to four colors.


At Guan’s Packaging, we strive to provide product excellence coupled with service excellence to match our overall commitment to quality.


Guan’s Packaging is ISO 9001 certified and is compliant with the Africa Continent’s Coca Cola Supplier Guiding Principles.


We are the only Corrugated manufacturer in Namibia in possession of a Box Compression Test Machine, which enables us to test the stacking strength of a carton.


Our board strength exceeds the international required strength with up to 47% and still sells at a highly competitive price structure.


We provide cost effective solutions that save Namibians money, with our shorter manufacturing lead times, it enables our customers to be more efficient and more competitive in an ever-growing market.


We are the first corrugated manufacturer in Namibia to introduce a product which improves water-resistance and damp-proofing without impairing recyclability.


We are the first corrugated manufacturer which can produce E-Flute in Namibia.


The obvious packaging choice

CCorrugated packaging is a great example of the circular economy. As a paper product it is circular by nature: 100% recyclable, based on 100% renewable sources (sustainably managed forests) and 100% bio-degradable. Corrugated packaging is one of the most recycled paper products today with a well-established market for secondary raw materials.

The corrugated cardboard most commonly used to make boxes has one layer of fluting between two smooth sheets. But there are many types of corrugated available, each with different flute sizes and thicknesses.

Corrugated board has two main components:
- Liner board is the flat paper that makes up both sides of the board.
- Fluted paper is for in-between the liners, this is the corrugated part which gives the board its strength.