Social Responsibility

Giving back

Guan’s Packaging supports various communal initiatives throughout the year where we fund financially, through time devotion of our employees and with donations of cardboard products.

We’ve hosted numerous educational institutions, from as far as Rundu and Keetmanshoop, visiting Guan’s Packaging in Walvis Bay. Most of these institutions have had a return visit, which reaffirms that Guan’s Packaging does make a difference in terms of the development of our youth and future leaders.

We specifically channel our efforts and resources to the “future leaders” of Namibia, where we not only support Namibian children financially, but we also put an enormous effort in contributing to their academic development. It is no secret that Guan’s Packaging is seen as a successful and growing enterprise with a “fresh approach”.

Our Approach to the environment:

100% Recyclable

Our entire approach to the manufacturing processes are environmentally driven, hence the sourcing of raw materials produced from eco managed pulp plants. These paper pulp manufacturers guarantee that harvested trees are replanted and trees are yielded in the most responsible manner.

  • Guan’s Packaging uses 100% renewable and reusable raw materials for our production processes.
  • All our waste product is processed and shipped to a paper mill, where its recycled for reuse.
  • We provide branded bin boxes free of charge to institutions, social events, expos, shows and festivals.